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The FREEDOM Course

Are you BORED?

Bored with the same old stuff in personal development?

Bored with constantly adding more “information” but rarely adding transformation?


Bored of the vague promises to “maximize your potential”?


Maybe you’re not looking for more information.

Maybe you’re looking for FREEDOM.

My name is Dr. Fred Blum and I created this course because I was bored also. I'd been doing personal development work for years, and yet, sometimes it seemed that I was still basically the same person, with the same challenges and issues that I had when I began! Worse, it was beginning to feel like true peace, freedom, or happiness wasn't going to happen after all.


Then I discovered something amazing:


I learned that there's a huge         difference between the idea of freedom and the experience of it.


The FREEDOM Course is short on information and deep on experience. You will have a direct experience of Who You Really Are: the peace, love, happiness and yes, FREEDOM that are the "factory settings" of your True Self. Even'll learn to sustain that state of peace and happiness for longer and longer!



"This course is so unique in the fact that it leads you back to the person you’ve always been. It doesn’t keep you searching for the “next best thing” or feeling like you’re lacking unless you are reading a mountain of self-improvement books or meditating a million times a day."

​Katie, Musician & Counselor

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Are you ready...?
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👉To go beyond stress management to stress resolution?

👉To create True Freedom?

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